Refund Policy
Refund Policy
  1. Requests for refunds must be initiated within 10 days from the date on which the order for the related Gift Card was placed. Any refund request following the 10-day refund period will be denied.
  2. Refunds may only be requested prior to the use of the Gift Card, in whole or in part. Once a Gift Card is used to make a purchase, any refund request will be denied, even if there is still a balance on the refund Gift Card.
  3. Refunds may be requested by the Gift Card purchaser or recipient by sending an email to Each refund request (each, a "Refund Request") must include the following information:
    1. The receipt of purchase;
    2. The name of the Gift Card purchaser;
    3. The date of purchase;
    4. The name and address (which may be an email address) of the recipient; and
    5. Contact information for the purchaser, including email address and contact phone number.
  4. Upon receipt of a Refund Request, Herbie’s Car Wash will promptly verify that the Gift Card has not been used. Gift Cards that have been used in whole or in part are not eligible for a full or partial refund.
  5. Upon receipt of a Gift Card Refund Request, and verification that the Gift Card to which the Refund Request relates is eligible for a refund, we will make a determination regarding the Gift Card and will take one of the following actions:
    1. Deny a Refund Request and send the consumer an email that details why the refund request is denied; or
    2. Approve a refund and send the consumer an email that details the amount of the refund.
  6. Any refund amount that is approved will be credited to the original credit card used to purchase the Gift Card. If purchase was made in cash, you must refer back to the original location that you purchased your gift card in order to receive your cash refund. All refunds will be made within 60 days of the date on which the Refund Request was received.

    If for any reason a refund cannot be credited to the original credit card, we will issue to the purchaser a check for the amount of the refund approved, less a $10 check writing and processing fee. The check will be processed and mailed to the consumer within 90 days of the Refund Request at the address specified by the consumer in its Refund.